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Wanda Goodman is the heart and soul of Wanda’s Creative Clay. She has created a niche within the “art world” that successfully enables children of all ages to realize their full artistic potential and creativity.

When someone discovers Wanda’s Creative Clay, the most common question asked is, “How did you get into the business?” And what amazes them most about her answer is the fact that working with the colourful oven bake clay  was initially a hobby. Working on projects with family and friends, Wanda developed a passion for creating whimsical masterpieces that earned her praise and accolades for her creations. That hobby evolved into a successful career, that continues to keep Wanda enthused and passionate about teaching clay classes to kids and anyone with a creative flare to give them the tools and the confidence to let their imaginations run free.

Now in her 30th year of teaching, Wanda has expanded the business and has a wonderful team of caring instructors who inspire their clay making students to create their own masterpieces using clay and simple modeling techniques. The entire team believes that the parties and programs offered, can be enjoyed by “kids of all ages”.

Wanda’s Team offers a variety of sculpting classes for kids including after school workshops, summer art classes and is the perfect spot to host a clay making birthday party. Wanda’s Creative Clay also offer Mixed Media Art classes and a variety of programs geared to older kids and adults.

In addition to online bookings, Wanda and her team are in great demand, bringing their creative talent and clay workshops for kids to many GTA schools and community programs.

At Wanda’s Creative Clay….”It’s more than just clay!


Mission Statement


Wanda’s Creative Clay is committed to delivering quality, stimulating, children’s art programming in an innovative and creative format.

Having identified a void in the children’s programming market, Wanda Goodman has taken a readily available clay product and has created a unique learning opportunity for children.  Wanda brings her creative talent and enthusiasm to children of all ages, and their families. The finished clay products become treasured keepsakes, and in the process, children develop their fine motor skills and refine their love of art.