Clay Kits – Wanna Be Wanda – Dinosaur

From the creative force behind Wanda’s Creative Clay comes Wanna Be Wanda, a new line of customized clay kits tailored specifically for your child. Whether your child has participated in one of Wanda’s many clay camps, workshops or parties, you’ll know how kids love the whimsical clay masterpieces they make and take home. And if you are just now discovering the wonder that is Wanda, you and your children will come to appreciate what a fun and creative process Wanna Be Wanda kits are.

Perfect for rainy days, hosting your own party or a special gift. Every kit comes with an easy 10 step written instruction sheet, a sheet for measuring and cutting the clay, a clay tool and a YouTube teaching video!

In no time your kids will be creating whimsical creatures that they will treasure forever. When you can’t have Wanda or her team come to you, or your child just wants to do something creative at home, these all-in one kits are the perfect solution. Order a Wanna Be Wanda project, customized specifically for you and unlock your child’s imagination.

Order a retail/gift packaging or have it shipped/delivered in our cool shipping packaging to someone special!

Picked up/delivered in clear packaging for 1 person!

Shipped/delivered in cardboard tube packaging for 1, 5 or 10 people!


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