I think you should go to Wanda’s Creative Clay because my brother and me have been there a 1000 times! You can go there for classes after school, summer camp, winter camp, and birthday parties! The birthday parties include cheesies, popcorn, and PIZZA! I love Wanda’s Creative Clay because there’s the word creative in the name for one BIG reason………Because it’s creative!  XXOO

Charlotte Bruce (7 years old) XXOO

Wanda has been working with the kids at our community centre for the past four years. The kids love her creative and colourful projects. Each week they eagerly anticipate a new project that they get to create. As a parent, it amazes me how she has 3 year old children starting out with a block of FIMO and coming out with wonderful creations each week. Her creativity, enthusiasm and patience are a huge asset to our programs. The kids love her, love the projects, we have participants that take it for three years straight and never get bored.


My girls have been taking Wanda’s programs for 7 years and they love it. I love it too! The determination and focus the kids have is unbelievable. The weekly projects are so much fun and I look forward to see what will come next!


I just wanted to say that my daughter really enjoyed making the bear at the party today. She also said that everyone was very nice and helpful. Now, she wants to do more! So thank you for the wonderful craft activity that we can actually put on display 🙂


Our two daughters have enjoyed many camps and birthday parties at Wanda’s over the years. It’s a tribute to Wanda’s creativity and lovely intuitive way with kids of all ages that they enjoy it now as much as they did when they were littler. The kids come away having had a great time while making something they can be proud of. I would highly recommend Wanda’s Creative Clay!


We have the pleasure of knowing and working with Wanda for the past five years. My son started FIMO with Wanda when he was three years old and he is now eight years old. When I ask him how much longer he plans to take Wanda’s Creative Clay he says until he is a teenager. He has taken after school programs, hosted birthday parties in our home and also been to Wanda’s studio. Wanda is one of a kind – her creativity, patience and good humour makes every class special! Eric has well over 100 pieces in his collection – each a true masterpiece. Thanks Wanda, You are truly gifted at what you do.


It is always a highlight of my son’s summer to do a week long camp at Wanda’s. For 5 summers, at the end of the week he has brought home a project that he is so proud of and is quite impressive


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